“A lot of guys in this business who THINK they’re the smartest guys in the room, are actually the DUMBEST!”

Chris Parry, From the podium to the rest of the Cambridge House International Investment Conference, May 2018

Chris Parry gave a talk at the Cambridge House International investing conference in May 2018 called “investing Tips for Young Investors”, and there’s a video of it so that we can all get good advice about investing from Chris Parry! The whole video is here, and you should watch the whole thing yourself so that you understand that Chris Parry actually gave all of these EDGY investment tips!

Chris Parry says: Investing is NOT all about RRSPS!

The reason that Millennials don’t invest is because they think investing is all about RRSPs, but what they don’t know is that it IT’S NOT!!!

Retirement accounts that allow investment income and capital gains made from trading to be treated as savings and grow tax free until they’re needed are SO BORING! And they turn Millennials off of INVESTING!!!

See, when Chris Parry invests in a mining company, he doesn’t invest in one that has a MINE! THAT’S SO BO-RING!  That’s for those half-dead saps who want RRSPs!

What Chris does, is he invests in companies that DOUBLE, TRIPLE and QUADRUPLE! They do that because they’re SCAMS, and Chris Parry is going to show you how to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SCAMS!! JUST WATCH! 

The Best part is: you don’t have to do any boring RESEARCH! Chris Parry only reads the CONCLUSION of the 43-101 reports of mining companies (Chris Parry is very busy), looking for words like “Inferred,” “Indicated,” “Measured,” “Proven,” and “Probable.” What do those words mean? LOL! Chris Parry doesn’t say because WHO CARES!?!?!?

It doesn’t matter what they mean, because…

The best way to make money is by taking advantage of SCAMS! 

Chris Parry identifies scams and uses them to make BIG MONEY!!! (but not in an RRSP account, because tax shelters are for SQUARES!)

Don’t believe me? Here’s an Example:

Take QMC Minerals! It was run by old oldsters in Manitoba, and they paid Chris Parry to write about them in SHARE CERTIFICATES! (Chris Parry gets in on the ground floor!).

He wrote HONEST things about QMC Minerals, then after that, QMC Minerals did some promotion that “wasn’t so honest,” and Chris Parry got PAID! Because Chris Parry is REALLY REALLY SMART! And knows that a scam is really just an opportunity for: “MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MONEY TO BE MADE!!!”

“It was great!”

Chris Parry

Graphic from Chris Parry’s talk, showing four months of QMC Minerals press releases, in which they “only ever talk about historic results, but people still buy the stock!!!!!”

QMC sold off from $1.10 to $0.55 over the same period that those people bought all that stock.

You have to know how to do it, though!

Chris Parry doesn’t just throw money away on anything that SOUNDS good! Chris Parry understands that these scams have a CYCLE! and that you have to get IN on the scams at the right TIME!

Chris Parry doesn’t say anything in his talk about how to KNOW when the right time IS though.  He talks about how there are insiders who get in early, then sell their stock to a bunch of suckers who read things on stupid websites and are DUMB enough to believe them… and that one of the periods takes about four months… but he doesn’t say  how to know when a promotion is coming or how to get in on the cheap seed round… Maybe he’ll write about it one day on his website Equity.Guru!

Scams are great, but not the ONLY way…

Timing scams is a pretty good way to make money if you know how to do it (like Chris Parry does). But there’s also other ways like LONG TERM STRATEGIES!

You can make money by buying good companies and holding them for a long time, but if you thought identifying good companies meant reading boring financial statements or management disclosure documents, or even keeping track of insider reports or anything mathy like that, then you don’t know Equity Guru Chris Parry!

What you need to read is the management’s bios! That’s where the management tells you if they deliver for their shareholders or not (you want the ones that DO deliver!)

Chris Parry’s Management Bio doesn’t say that he’s an Investment Advisor, but that doesn’t stop him from giving talks about “Investment Tips For Young People!”

You can “maybe read” the 43-101 if you just can’t help yourself, because it “won’t hurt.” But you only really have to read the conclusion (he said that before, earlier in the talk.)

After that, you call the CEO and ask them if their stock is a good stock! If they say “yes!” they’re probably saying it to other people too! And those people will buy the stock!

Chris Parry also says that milllenials who want to be investors should read smart people (like Chris Parry!) to find out what they think (but don’t read

Chris Parry LOVES investing in Pump and Dumps and makes lots of money off of them! The trick is that he BUYS LOW, and SELLS HIGH, after charging the pumped company only HALF of what the SCAM stock market website companies charge to write about them at Equity Guru!

You can read more about those scam companies that will make you RICH there!

I invest in pump and dumps every fucking day, because I know they’re pump and dumps!

Chris Parry

As Chris Parry says: PEACE OUT!


    1. U’r WELCOME!!!!
      It sounds like you like Chris Parry and his awesome investment advice tips as much as we do!!!
      Did you get in on Ascent Capital (RIP)? Really really sad what happened to those really really smart guys. Shame.
      How ’bout Supreme? Did you throw your money in the FIRE!?

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