Chris Parry on Nexus Gold

Chris Parry on Nexus Gold

In Chris Parry’s Brilliant 2018 address at the Cambridge House International Investment Conference in Vancouver, Chris Parry talked about how NEXUS GOLD got BLACKMAILED by a newsletter writer who wanted to be their CEO, but they said “NO,” so the newsletter writer RUINED THE COMPANY! OMG so MEAN!!!!

After Nexus had been beat up and rolled back and the stock was DOWN… Chris Parry saw an OPPORTUNITY! He took a bunch of millennials over to see Nexus because he LOVES NEXUS, and because Nexus needed some INVESTOR CHURN!

Chris Parry didn’t say if the Millennials hit their stock brokers up on instagram and bought the Nexus or not, but the chart sure looks like it’s gone through some investor churn since his talk in May!

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