Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some questions some people ask us some times about this site and about Chris Parry!

Is Chris Parry an Investment Advisor?

It’s hard to say! He isn’t registered with the Canadian Securities Administrators, but that doesn’t stop him from giving investment tips! He gave a talk called “Investing Tips For Young People” once and it was GREAT!

Chris Parry’s website Equity Guru has a whole CATEGORY called “Investment Advice,” and it’s sure got a lot of posts in it! 

UPDATE: Ooops! Looks like The Guru took away the investment advice category!! Don’t worry, though cuz there’s still a cached version, so you can still get good investing advice from Chris Parry whether the sticklers over at the Canadian Securities Administrators want to recognize his greatness or NOT!

How Old is Chris Parry?

We don’t know! Not too old to appeal to #Millennials, that’s for sure!

He runs a site called Equity Guru that has investment information for millennials and mad men, and it uses a lot of gifs because Chris Parry GETS IT!

Why Did You Make This Site About Chris Parry?

Because We’re Chris Parry’s NUMBER ONE FANS! Despite the way Chris Parry treats people who do work for him.

Once upon a time, this one guy was writing for Equity.Guru, and Chris Parry said really nice stuff about him! But when he left, Chris changed his mind and started saying things that were really really MEAN!


Above: Chris Parry’s attitude towards people who work for peanuts, without a contract. Below, his attitude post contract request.

He also wrote some really mean stuff via twitter direct message. Here’ s a sample (but seriously you guys most of it is really mean).

And I guess he was pretty serious, because now the guy’s #1 google ranking says:

Which makes it sort of hard to operate as an equities researcher.

We think that Chris Parry might be salty because he thinks that nobody likes his writing, so we made this fan site to show Chris Parry that he doesn’t have to be mean and angry, because HE HAS SO MANY GREAT FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is your favorite guru?

GREAT QUESTION! You probably think that our favorite guru is the EQUITY GURU, Chris Parry! But it’s not!

Our favorite guru is MC Guru from Gang Starr (RIP).