Prize Mining: Leave Chris Parry ALONE!!!

Prize Mining: Leave Chris Parry ALONE!!!

A lot of people are saying that world famous stock market investor and hero to milllennials everywhere CHRIS PARRY had something to do with the Bridgemeark Capital Scam that the BCSC is investigating but they’re WRONG because he DIDN’T!!!!!!

The Vancouver sun reported that a bunch of people at Bridgemark Capital, including the former North Vancouver city manager, bought about $50 million worth of stock in a bunch of companies, but then just paid most of it back to themselves, and gave some of it to “consultants” to promote the stocks, while they sold into the buying created.

The BCSC thinks this is “illegal” just because the money didn’t stay in the company for very long, and was instead “swapped” out to people, and it doesn’t say if one of those people was Chris Parry or NOT!!!!

Chris Parry even put up a gif from the movie MONEYBALL to let you know what a great deal PRIZE MINING was at $0.28!!!! (PRZ last traded around $0.04, is currently suspended)

Some of the people on Bridgemark’s board of directors were named in an Alberta Securities Commission action against Equity Guru client Prize Mining for what the Sun calls “similar activity,” but Chris Parry isn’t named in that indictment, so just because he took Prize Mining’s money and encouraged his readers to buy the stock, DOESN’T MEAN HE HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS SO SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY!!!!

Chris Parry’s Aug 16th, 2017 article tells all about the financing and how it happened at a WAY higher price! He even tells what a great deal it is and gets his readers in at a BARGAIN that’s even better than the deal that all those FAT CATS got for stock!

Well that stock you thought was a buy at $0.57, when it hadn’t yet filed technical reports and extended its land holdings and completed its field work and announced a nice batch of results yesterday (we’ll get to those), you can get that stock today for literally half price, at $0.28.

Let’s repeat that – you’ve got a company way further along now, with a share price lower than the rich guys were getting in their sweet financing deal back when the company was almost only a shell.

You can get shoved around by the bully at the table all day long, by chasing rises and dumping in the midst of drops, but take a step back for a moment and consider what Prize was six months ago compared to what it is today, and how you can buy it for half price today because the bullies have moved on to the next financing.

Chris Parry – Aug 16, 2017

So don’t you even DARE to try and paint Equity.Guru and Chris Parry with the same brush as those alleged hustlers over at Bridgemark that the BCSC and ASC are after!!! He didn’t have anything to do with it!!! All Chris did was take their money!!!

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