Chris Parry REALLY LIKES Green Stripe Naturals, Mon!

It’s a Jamaican marijuana company, and he thinks that it might be a Canopy Growth Corp takeout target! Jamaica is where famous recording artists 10cc are singing about in their famous song “Dreadlock Holiday!”

10cc, shown here concentratin’ on truckin’ right.

Chris Parry included Green Stripe Naturals in a September 5th post on Equity Guru entitled “Canopy Growth Has $5B to buy something: what’s on the list?” Canopy growth had just got a FAT CHECK from Constellation Brands, so Chris Parry speculated they might want to go shopping with the money! Maybe for Green Stripe! Public soon! (if Canopy doesn’t take ’em out first, that is.)

But keep your voice down, because it’s SUPER HUSH HUSH!

GREEN STRIPE (Public soon)
This one is waaaaaaaaaaaaay quiet, so get your reading glasses on and catch up with a deal that I think is going to be a killer.
Green Stripe has Jamaican licenses for cultivation, extraction, R&D, transportation, and retail, and off-take and joint venture agreements with the Gangja Growers and Producers Association of Jamaica, which sounds like a bunch of guys hanging out eating Johnny Cakes and getting baked, but is actually a very important lobby group in Jamaica, and not to be toyed with.
Cannabis has a long and storied history in Jamaica and, while it’s technically illegal, has been a cultural touchstone for as long as the island has been a thing. The over 3000 growers have deep political connections and don’t take kindly to outsiders coming in and taking liberties.


The kicker in the short term will be the tourism market. The company will readily admit, most locals in Jamaica have their own connections that are long established to supply them what they need – or they just grow it themselves.


There’s one ‘herb house’ currently, and it’s way out in the woods. Green Stripe’s plan is to place one that looks like a Jamaican, well, Apple store, right where the boats dock.
To make this, and all the other opportunities above, happen… they need $3m, which they’re raising (plus another $1m for future needs) right now, at an $11m valuation.
If you have a Mackie brokerage account, give your guy a call and ask about the pre-public raise.

-Chris Parry’s Equity Guru September 5th

$3 million bucks is probably CHUMP CHANGE for a big swinging dick like Chris Parry! But Chris Parry is generous so he’s going to let some other people get in on the action, too.

Chris Parry doesn’t say if he was in on the raise Green Stripe filed a report for exempt distribution about earlier that week to raise $382,850. At the end of the post, he talks about pot companies he is a shareholder of, or who are EG marketing clients, and that paragraph says that “Green Stripe is in discussions,” but doesn’t say what that means.

Chris Parry doesn’t say why Green Stripe needed to do another raise for nearly 10x as much as the first one only a week later, either… or what the company’s done to justify a valuation 75 times the valuation of the previous financing, but it’s probably a secret that he’s keeping waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay quiet!

If you want to get in on the third floor of this private Jamaican weed deal… Just tell ’em CHRIS PARRY SENT YOU!

Email to the Guruvians

That September raise is the only one Green Stripe Naturals has told the Canadian public they’ve completed, so there’s probably still time to get in on this baby (It’s one of Chris Parry’s Favs!). On January 7th, Chris Parry sent out an email to all of the Guruvians on his mailing list to make sure that they didn’t miss out on this RED HOT DEAL!

The email had a handy link to crowdfunding portal Consider Funding, which today shows $5,900 raised of the $10,000 minimum, but they’ve still got 17 days to go!

Sounds like Mackie couldn’t get the $3 Mil done, but don’t worry: The Guruvians won’t want to miss out on this one!!


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